2015/2016 Pricelist

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Interior Detail $199.95 Mini-van/Large SUV Add $50.00
(Please allow up to 3hrs for this service)
  • Q TIP TREATMENT Throughout your vehicle
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Carpets & Upholstery Shampooed
  • Grease and dirt removed from door jambs
  • Dash cleaned and dressed
  • Arm rest cleaned & dressed
  • All interior Seats/Plastic/Vinyl Cleaned
  • Leather cleaned and LEXOL conditioning cream applied
  • Interior Windows cleaned
  • Air freshener or deodorizer placed in vehicle
Exterior Detail $199.95 Mini-van/Large SUV Add $50.00
(Please allow up to 3hrs for this service)
  • Deluxe hand wash
  • Rims cleaned & polished
  • Tire shine applied
  • Road tar & bugs removed
  • Exterior Windows cleaned
  • Painted surfaces cleaned using 'claybar'
  • paint polished to bring up the color
  • Vehicle waxed with 100% carnauba wax to seal and protect your finish
Ultimate Detail $299.95 Mini-van/Large SUV Add $100.00
Repeat Customer Price $249.95** Mini-van/Large SUV Add $100.00
**Please note, 'Repeat customer' price cannot be combined with any coupons/specials.
(Please allow up to 5hrs for this service)
  • Includes a complete Interior & Exterior Detail
Add on Services:
These services are not included in the above pricing, but can be added to any service.
  • Excessive animal hair removal: $49.95 - $99.95
  • Headlight restoration: $99.95 - $199.95
  • Sticker/Adhesive Removal: $49.95 - $99.95 Per sticker/adhesive
  • Paint Overspray/Fallout/Raildust removal: $200.00 - 500.00
  • Yellow/White Road Line Paint removal: $400.00 - 600.00
  • Heavy Tar and/or Tree Sap removal: $100.00 - 300.00
***Please Note:***
All the above pricing applies to most passenger vehicles. Prices may vary for vehicles that are heavily soiled, severely damaged or commercial in nature. Estimates are available for these vehicles.

***Please Note:***

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